About AFD

Allfab opened for business in September 1981 by Kevin Handley and Peter Walker. The business quickly grew and became one of the major suppliers of Automotive, Furniture as well as Marine upholstery in Victoria.

We became one of Nylex Corporation distributors as well as Acmil Plastics and Kennon Carpet Mills part of the BTR Group (British Tyre Rubber) in 1983.

We had experienced staff and Peter Cheeseman joined our company and association that went on for almost 25 years. Peter had extended knowledge of the vinyl PVC trade from way back in the 1950’s. Around this time we expanded into QLD through Roy Armstrong who was molding carpet and he sold our fabric under Golden State Automotive which later became Fabtex in QLD. Unfortunately Roy passed away in the early years of the new millennium and while Fabtex continues in QLD our association with Fabtex in QLD ceased with the passing of Roy a sadly missed person of the Allfab Family. Roy and Kevin also had Fabtex in Sydney but when Roy passed Kevin decided not to go on in Sydney without his loyal and trusted partner.

In the early 90’s we became distributors for Innova International an innovative company headed by Ian Knox. Around this time Nylex ceased to trade and we became an importer of vinyls in all areas as there was no one producing vinyls in Australia. We then did not renew are association with Innova International and became a large importer of all Automotive 55 colours, Marine 35 colours and Furniture 75 colours. We have one of the largest range of PVC vinyls for Auto, Marine, Domestic Furniture and Commercial Furniture in Australia.

The years have passed and family gave way and in 2008 Ryan Handley and in 2009 Edward Handley joined the company, Kevin’s two sons.

We enjoy recognition in the trade as one of the major suppliers to other companies in Australia who are using all our PVC vinyl products. Look through our website and contact us for samples.

ALLFAB – the name for ALL PVC vinyl FABrics

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