Cutpile Carpet is the workhorse of the Tasman Carpet Collection.

Cutpile Carpet offers a palette of basic colours and performance engineering that meets the most rigorous durability requirements in the marine & automotive industry. Oceania Cutpile Carpet is found in many of the ski boats, family cruisers and fishing boats in the Australian market place built locally and overseas.

The standard Cutpile Carpet is made from 100% BCF polypropylene. It has a primary backing of woven polypropylene and a secondary backing of Grey Loc Tuf (GT) which provicres superior tuft lock and ravel reduction.

Cutpile Carpet is also available with Aqua Trac (AT) backing or Ar backings which are heavy duty rubberised backings used when the carpet is to be clipped onto the deck instead of using adhesives.

Width can vary with colour or backing selected but the typical width with the GT backing is 2.44m and with the AT or AR backing it is 3.66m.

The yarn used in Cutpile Carpet has high resistance to UV which means the carpet will retain its colour long after similar carpets have faded and its perfectly suitable to exterior use. Additionally due to the cut pile it is easier to clean than many other carpets on the market and things like fish hooks and scale will not become entangled in the fibres as easily.

The carpet is inherently stain resistant however periodic care such as vacuuming and washing with household detergents and warm water will help the carpet retain the original appearance.
All stains should be removed as soon as possible.